Challenging Myself Through A Pilates Machine

If you have been practicing Pilates for a while now and are looking for a new challenge like I was, then you should try out reformer Pilates.

For some time, I have been looking for ways to push myself and my body and I tried it out after I heard someone recommend it.

Being someone with enough background in mat Pilates, it was easier for me to understand the terms and the poses I needed to do on the Pilates reformer machine.

Still, the machine has managed to test my strength, not only physically but also mentally.

It was also scary knowing that I would end up falling on my face into the hard machine (and not the mat) if I failed to master the pose. 

At first, I enrolled in a reformer Pilates class to try it out and see if it was good for me.

Once I tried it out and loved it, I started looking for my own machine to use at home.

It has since then become my favorite workout in my routine. This is because it helps me tone, build strength and flexibility, without a strong impact on my joints.

This means, if you have issues with your joints, then you might find a reformer Pilates class easier than the mat version. 

Here are some things I learned from working out on my Pilates reformer machine.

1. It Is Not An Easy Workout

If you are looking for an easy way to get fit or lose weight, then this is not the workout for you. Although I was fit and regularly doing mat Pilates, it was a bit of a shock for me.

The entire body gets worked out, even muscles you never even flexed or used before.

The movements also target certain muscle groups, despite the fact that the poses seem small and done slowly. Some regular Pilates moves become more complex on the machine as well.

The machine itself can provide different kinds of resistance, which means you can choose the difficulty of your workout a bit. Many machines have 3 springs in different colors.

Yellow provides the lightest resistance, while blue is medium and red is the heaviest resistance. If you are in a class, then your instructor will dictate the levels, but at home, you can decide.

2. Your Muscles Will Not Be Happy 

Reformer Pilates is a great option if you are looking for a full body workout. Unless you have been hard at work exercising most of your body, you will experience sore muscles after your first few sessions.

The great news is that it has really done wonders for my core. The exercises work out the abs, pelvis, and lower back a lot, and I have the beginnings of a six-pack thanks to my new workout.

3. Dress Correctly

Tight clothing is important in allowing you to do the different positions properly without some annoying piece of cloth getting in the way.

Beyond that, grippy socks have been my savior. I use those grips to gain traction and prevent my feet from suddenly slipping, which happens often when you are sweaty. 

Grippy gloves are also available, which is recommended for those with sweaty hands.

I find that using them helps me execute the positions properly and activate the right muscles. You will also not have to worry about your fingers or toes slipping.

Mixing up your exercise routine is always a good idea so that you do not get bored or you keep other muscles in shape.

As for me, moving from mat Pilates to the reformer machine has given me the challenge I have been looking for. I am extremely happy with the results and plan to continue on.

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Inversion Therapy and Inversion Tables: What’s the Real Score?

A few weeks ago, I accompanied a friend to buy an inversion table. While the contraption is not new to me, I still found it intriguing.

I never thought of my friend as someone who has chronic back pain. And when it comes to managing back problems, an inversion table is often one of the last things that will enter my mind.

Nevertheless, I helped my friend look for inversion tables to buy in Australia. At the same time, I decided to find the real score about inversion therapy and inversion tables.

The Idea behind Inversion Therapy

Inversion therapy has been around for many decades. It is one kind of therapy wherein traction is applied to increase the space between individual spinal discs. This will help relieve the pressure on the disks and the nerve roots within.

The person undergoing inversion therapy will be in an upside down position – her head lower than her feet. Gravity pulls on the spinal discs so that the gaps between them also increase. This is what relieves pressure and lead to a reduction in back pain.

Inversion Tables and Back Pain

Inversion tables are neat contraptions that can help relieve the pressure on the spinal column. What you do is you lie down on a bed and turn on a handle to put it in an inverted position.

This way, your back is still resting on the bed or table. It is unlike other inversion therapy modalities that do not provide support for the back.

As you lay upside down, the pressure within the spinal column eases up. This leads to a reduction in the irritation of the nerve roots. Consequently, you should be able to feel instant relief from back pain.

But then, here’s the thing. I found out that inversion therapy may not provide long-term relief of back pain. It may be good for short-term back pain relief. But if you’re looking for pain relief that lasts longer, then inversion therapy is not the answer.

The reason is simple. Pain relief exists only insofar as you remain in an inverted position. This means that you are standing upside down. This is the only way you can relieve pressure off of the nerve roots and spinal discs.

However, you cannot sustain this position for long periods because of the effect of gravity on the blood rushing to the brain. As such, as soon as you go back to the upright position, then the pressure in the discs will build up again.

Risks Involved in Inversion Therapy

There are also risks involved. I learned that there are a number of people who should never use an inversion table or any other contraption for inversion therapy. Individuals with hypertension, heart disease, and glaucoma should never use an inversion table.

As I mentioned earlier, you are in an upside down position. The flow of blood is towards the head. This will put a significant strain on the brain, the eyes, the lungs, and other vital organs that are not accustomed to such an orientation.

What’s the Real Score?

Inversion tables may be a good way to manage back pain by relieving pressure on the spinal column.

However, I don’t think we should view it as a miracle pill. Doctors can provide people like my friend with more appropriate treatments for their back pain.

Some may also recommend the use of inversion tables. My point is that we need to view inversion tables as a treatment methodology.

Hence, it should be under the guidance of our doctors. Or at least, let them know what you are trying to accomplish using such a device.

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Indoor Cricket Is A Thing And Here’s Why

I have always been a fan of cricket even when I as a kid. Cricket is a popular sport in Australia and it’s probably because it was made famous by two Aussies. Of course, the support and the love for this pair became the catalyst for my fellow Australians to like cricket.

Indoor Cricket vs. Traditional Cricket

Before you get confused, know that indoor cricket is different from traditional cricket that is played indoors. The latter uses the rules of the traditional game except that it is played indoors while the former takes from its cousin, but there are differences.

Indoor cricket has the same number of people involved and it follows the same concept in technicalities. The difference lies in how you get those points. So you still have eight people in a team with two innings.

But for indoor cricket, teams have an option to get a supersub. The two innings are made up of 12 overs, 6 for each team. Each team has a chance to get 2 overs and hit the ball for 4 overs.

Indoor Cricket’s Australian Roots

The first cricket game that was held indoors was in Germany way back in the 1960s. However, this follows the traditional cricket rules. It was only in the late 1970s that Aussies Paul Hanna and Michael Jones created an actual indoor cricket game with rules of its own.

To know more about it, click here for the history. If you will notice, some indoor cricket games have six members in a team. This is because Western versions of the game (like in England) play cricket with six a side. 

As indoor cricket became more popular, this prompted people to build indoor sports stadiums that allow more people to play this famed sport without worry about the weather and other complications in playing outside (and isn’t it so ironic to play indoor cricket outdoors?).

How Indoor Cricket Became Popular

Having fun is always a thing for Aussies. We are so used to outdoor sports, but I can honestly say that having unpredictable weather can dampen one’s sporty spirits. Thankfully, with the rise of indoor cricket, there was also the rise of indoor stadiums.

Indoor stadiums are simply indoor sports arenas where you can play a lot of different sports. However, it’s not like a reservation thing where there are empty courts and you just RSVP. Instead, these indoor sports stadiums already have places for certain sports (or events). Take, for example, Action Indoor Sports.

Action Indoor Sports is a famous sports arena where people play a lot of indoor sports like indoor soccer. I for one always go here because of its clean amenities and convenience. I play indoor cricket a lot and it just helps lessen all my worries looking for a venue. I’m sure a lot of people can attest to how indoor sports stadiums are helping them practice their sport even more without worrying about external factors.

The convenience of having an indoor space to practice has helped me exercise my indoor cricket skills and it has also become easier for my team to meet during the weekdays.

When the Action Indoor Sports wasn’t built yet, we all had to figure out where we can play indoor cricket and it usually ends up in a practice outdoors. But ever since the arena was built, we were able to practice more often.

An additional plus for us is that having an arena allows our friends to watch our games and practices. There are covered areas where they can watch from and it won’t feel very crowded, too.

Thanks to indoor sports arenas, more people get to enjoy indoor cricket and that’s why I think it has been gaining popularity these days.

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Going Traditional Chinese in Melbourne: An Acupuncture Treatment Experience

My encounters with needles are not necessary good before I subjected myself to the traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. It was a just a few months ago when I bumped into an advertisement about acupuncture services in Melbourne, VIC. Being the curious person that I am, I checked out the ad. I also did internet searches to know what acupuncture was all about including what it is for and how it is undertaken.

This medical practice involves the insertion of very thin needles into the client’s skin. The needles have varying sizes dependent on which particular point in the body it will be used. The “particular points” are popularly known as acupoints which is the shortened version of acupuncture points. There are more than 360 acupoints in a body. In traditional Chinese medicine, they believe that there exists a flow of energy within the body, which they pertained to as qi or chi, which may be balanced through the practice of acupuncture. It is further believed that the qi or chi is what causes an individual to be healthy or not. If the flow is imbalanced, it may lead to illnesses, body pain, insomnia, and fatigue.

Acupuncture is used to induce or reduce certain bodily sensations. This traditional medical practice is often availed to reduce body pain whether in the neck, back, elbows etc. It has also been claimed to increase immunity against cough, cold and even asthma. Acupuncture had also been used to cure insomnia and fatigue. This practice is also notable when it comes to pregnancy, whether in increasing fertility, regulating menstrual flow or in labor induction. In my case, I would avail of this practice in the hope of curing my insomnia and improving my immunity against colds.

After learning about the advantages of acupuncture which I have generally pointed out, I phoned an acupuncture clinic to inquire about their services. They asked me to either send them an email or phone again if ever I wanted an appointment. I canvassed many acupuncture clinics in Melbourne and it turns out they have an average clinic hours of nine in the morning to seven in the evening. This provides working clients like me a lot of time options to set an appointment. Also, some clinic were open during the weekends which is very convenient.

There were considerably a lot of medicine practitioners in the area. Like many clinics, the session starts with testing and diagnosis. After analysing the data gathered, the professionals will tailor fit a treatment plan on the basis of the symptoms my body has shown recently, which I mentioned, and of course the aforementioned tests. While it is true that the clinic conducts traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, the practitioners there assured me that they somehow modified the medicine technique in order to better fit the clients here in Australia. I informed them of my hesitations especially when it comes to the needles. However, they managed to convince me that practitioners there were well-trained in conducting acupuncture treatments and that the needled to be used are safe even for the kids.

The clinic was not like the usual buzz filled area. Rather, the clinic has a very calm, silent and relaxing aura. I can still remember the time I first experienced an acupuncture treatment. The practitioner first inquired about my medical background. She examined my tongue, my pulse and subjected me to other physical examinations. Likewise a treatment package was given to me. She then asked me lay down on what they called “acupuncture table.” Acupoints are then successively stimulated. The needles are gently placed on the ‘points’ one needle at a time. The needles were left punctured on the skin for no less than thirty minutes. Only one word can describe the feeling I had after the session, relaxing.

The number of sessions or acupuncture treatments vary per condition which needs to be cured and per person. Others, who recover faster, may only need one to three sessions. But, to many, myself included, it was recommended to undergo several sessions. The number of times I needed to go and visit the clinic was discussed during the meeting including other advices with regard to my lifestyle.

After a several treatments, I felt better about my body. My body clock is seemingly fixed as my insomnia is finally put into rest. The traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture is indeed a reliable and relaxing solution for the mentioned illnesses and pains. While you can easily avail of the service in various clinics in Melbourne, it is a diligent move to look a trusted one. Though my story is seemingly nothing but a fun experience, there is more to trying this treatment. Acupuncture is indeed an effective way to cure insomnia. I would recommend this traditional treatment to others who wish for a relaxing cure.

Health-related articles such as this are really beneficial to learn especially in today’s high-stressed lifestyle. There are many topics about health and wellness when you click here. By keeping up with a healthy lifestyle, you will surely prevent yourself from getting sick.

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Physiotherapy Session – A Journey to Musculoskeletal Healing

PhysioI am not really what you might consider a health and fitness buff but I did have my share of going to the gym once in a while. I guess I was simply too busy with work that I can hardly squeeze any time to go to the gym. However, I found out that even working in the office can lead to some musculoskeletal problems which would require the expertise of a physiotherapist. Good thing there is a physical therapy Werribee clinic near my place so I can just go there anytime I need to.

I first visited the physiotherapy clinic when our company doctor recommended seeing a physiotherapist for the continued management of my chronic low back pain. He did gave me some pain medications but said that it is only temporary so our doctor recommended a slightly different approach.

My first concern was the physiotherapy costs as I knew it was a special kind of treatment that requires a more hands-on approach to my chronic low back pain as well as other musculoskeletal problems. But, given that my chronic low back pain sometimes makes me miss my day at the office or be less productive than I should, I thought it is going to be more practical to have my musculoskeletal problems managed now than suffer in the long run. So that was my mindset.

Visiting the Werribee physical therapy clinic is like taking on a journey of discovery. They would take a very comprehensive assessment of my health status but mostly about my pain experiences, problems in mobility, and range of motion as well as other health parameters. Sometimes I would be required to undergo several physiologic tests to determine the state of my muscle strength, muscle tone, and other characteristics of my musculature.

In my first-ever visit, the assessment phase was extensive. I had to supply them with the necessary health information including my family’s health and medical history. I also had to undergo several diagnostic and laboratory tests to help describe my current health status. It was nerve-wracking at first but totally liberating. I found comfort in the fact that, aside from my chronic low back pain, I was generally healthy. Unfortunately, my low back pain is severely affecting my ability to perform different tasks of daily living. And with it, my quality of life.

The assessment findings formed the backbone of the clinical diagnosis and the plan of care for me by the physiotherapists at the Werribee physical therapy clinic. The clinical diagnosis is important as it is the target problem that needs to be resolved. All treatment goals and objectives are developed and planned carefully to address this particular problem. The different clinical objectives will then form the backbone of what physiotherapy clinical interventions will work best towards the accomplishment of the objectives.

To manage my chronic low back pain, I was subjected to a variety of therapeutic modalities like alternating hot and cold compress applications, ultrasound, iontophoresis, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. These physical therapy treatments are called passive therapeutic modalities as the patient does not do anything; the treatments are simply performed on the patient and not with the patient. The whole point in these treatments is to alleviate the pain, reduce the swelling or the inflammation, and/or improve overall mobility.

For example, I found out that iontophoresis is like getting an injection of an anti-inflammatory drug except that they don’t use a needle to introduce the medicine into the body; they use electrical currents. This is also almost similar to transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation whereby electrodes are introduced into the tissue to reduce the intensity of both acute and chronic pain. Hot and cold applications also have their benefits.

I also found out that ultrasound was not only for pregnant women but also used by physical therapists in the management of a variety of musculoskeletal conditions such as osteoarthritis, muscle strain, bursitis, scar tissue adhesion, and even rheumatoid arthritis, just to name a few.

Aside from these passive physiotherapy treatments, there are also active ones. Personally, I prefer the active treatments because I feel I am more empowered to manage my own low back pain. These treatment modalities are not sophisticated but they do work. It includes stretching and strengthening the muscles of my back as well as low-impact aerobic exercises to help reduce my chronic pain. At first I was sceptical. But after several sessions with the clinic, I felt a dramatic reduction in my chronic back pain. I never thought that these simple exercises were the key to living relatively free from pain.

I never would have learned all of these had I let my worries about costs dictate my decisions. I’m sure glad I made the right choice. Now, I am always looking forward to my physiotherapy sessions wondering what I will be learning next. It has been a wonderful journey of discovery and musculoskeletal healing.

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The Great Hunt for the Best Apartment Property Agent in Melbourne

apartmentWomen can take a very long time to shop for things that they are going to buy and use. I, myself, often spend hours just scouring the different retail stores in downtown Melbourne for a particular blazer to go with my office attire. And I am not alone. I have yet to meet a woman who is as quick as a man in making up his mind regarding things that need to be bought. Now, imagine buying an apartment and you will understand why it usually takes a long time to really land your dream apartment unit. I am no real estate property guru but I know that it takes a lot to look for the dream apartment, check the suitability of the apartment to my tastes, determine its legal status, and finalize the transaction.

It all begins with an idea of what you really need. Selecting a property agent is a lot easier if you already have an idea of what you will be working with. For example, it is often better to know how much you are willing to pay for your mortgage as well as the location of the apartment unit you are going to look for. I found that majority of those apartments in the heart of the city will generally be more expensive than those in the suburbs; although, not everyone. That is why it is important to have a clear idea of what you really expect. Once you are clear about the type of apartment you want and the budget that you will be working with, you can now start your search for the best property agent in Melbourne.

There are plenty of property agents in Melbourne. However, I found one particular real estate agency very interesting – Chilli Realty. They have an exciting array of apartment units to choose from. The best part is that they provide services that are not really found in other real estate agencies. If you want to know what I mean, you can contact Peter Davies from Chilli Realty Property.

So how do you hunt for the best property agent for an apartment in Melbourne?

First, you have to check their overall reputation including their performance in relation to their work. While it is easy to get swayed by smooth-talking property agents, you simply have to look for other means to verify the agent’s credibility. They are, first and foremost, sales persons. And you know who sales people are, right? They will promise you all the world just to strike a sale and get their commission. While not everyone is like that, it is pretty much safer to assume that all of them do. That being said, it is very important to verify the agent’s credibility. The only way you can do that is by connecting with people who the agent has had a business relationship in the past – both existing and former clients.

You can politely ask the property agent for references to a few of their former clients. You can then ask for an appointment with them so you can ask questions regarding their professional experiences with the agent. Another way of doing it is by joining online forums especially those on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can post questions for other online community members to answer. At the very least, you will have an idea of the kind of property agent your prospect is.

Once you have checked his reputation, this pretty much settles everything. Well, almost. You will still have to check whether he is duly licensed by the professional organization of realtors in Melbourne and in Australia. This is important because only licensed real estate agents are duly qualified to sell properties and manage the entire process of purchasing a property including the relevant licenses, contracts, and other important documents.

Additionally you might want to check his manner of communication as well as his interpersonal skills. It is important that he needs to be able to communicate with you in such a way that you don’t feel being coerced. He is supposed to guide you in making an intelligent decision. That is the main purpose of getting the best property agent – to make sure that your choice of the best apartment is made easier and more convenient. That means you don’t have to worry about the added stress of having to put up with a very talkative but inept agent.

This is something that I really like about Peter Davies from Chilli Realty. That is why I am not really ashamed of recommending him to my friends because I know they too, will recognize the same level of commitment to his work as I did.

5 Tips to Consider When Looking for a good Hair Salon

hair salonAside from the face, the hair is among the first things that people notice when they look at us. They can immediately tell whether there is something wrong about our hair. They may react instantly if they like the cut or style. It is thus important to make our hair always at its best to keep our level of confidence high and our self-esteem positive. This is why availing the services of a good hair salon is a must. We shouldn’t just settle to mediocre salons that don’t deliver quality services.

In Australia, there are numerous reliable and credible hair salons such as Rakis hair salon in Melbourne CBD. They employ highly professional stylists and staffs that accommodate clients warmly. If you are on the hunt for a good hair salon, consider the tips below:

  1. Check Out For Salons Near You

Convenience is one factor we highly consider when deciding on something. The same applies when we are looking for a hair salon. So, the first tip that can be very useful to you is to look for and consider the hair salons nearby. For example, if you are in Melbourne look first for hair salons in the area. Don’t go to other cities yet. There are many experienced hairdressers in Melbourne, which means there must be really good hair salons in the city. To make the search easier and more convenient for you, you can look them over the Web. For sure, the list will be long. You don’t have to visit all them. You may consider five or three based on other factors that you consider.

  1. Ask the People You Trust

Although you can ask all the people you trust including your friends and relatives, it would be less time consuming and more practical to just ask some of them. How would you choose who to ask? Ask those who have hairstyles that you admire and, at some point, envy. Surely, they will point you to one of the best hair salons in your area. Personal recommendation is far better than other considerations. This is particularly true if you and your friend have the same type of hair.

  1. Call the Hair Salons in Your List

After checking the salons nearby and you have already listed your top three, the next step is to call them one by one. You have to do this to determine whether or not the salon employs well-mannered and professional receptionists. A good hair salon has receptionists that know how to entertain callers and clients. If the salon has accommodating receptionists, they may also probably have good hairstylists.

When you call and talk to the receptionist, take note of how are being treated. Are you being rushed or taken for granted? Is the receptionist willing to give you consultation? Is the receptionist able to recommend hairstylist and hair treatment based on your needs? These are key questions that would greatly help you decide in choosing the best on your list.

  1. Try Their One of Their Services

The salons you are considering may have good receptionists that led you think they may be having good services, too. However, you’ll only know whether or not it is true when you have already tried any of their services. You don’t have to try every service they offer. Just start small. For example, you can just avail the haircut service. Take note of everything the hairstylist or hairdresser is doing. A simple trimming, blow drying or shampooing is very telling of how the salon through its employees values clients. There are many hairstylists that rush cutting the hair and don’t allot enough time for polished and detailed cuttings when the client only availing the haircut service. This is because haircut charges the cheapest rate compared to other services such as hot oil.

  1. Choose the One with Reasonable Prices

Many thinks that high price rates immediately mean high quality services. It’s not always the case. There are salons with cheaper rates but deliver high quality service. However, cheaper rates may also mean that the salon is not a good one. This is particularly true when the salon has been operating for months but they keep offering special offers such as discounted rates and other promos. This means that they are not able to keep a good number of loyal clients to sustain the operation of the business. This also means that they don’t have good hairstylists or quality services. For salons that are just starting, availing their advertised special offers is a great way to determine whether or not they have quality services and good hairstylists.

With these tips, you will surely end up with the good hair salon that can address your specific needs. You will surely end up with a salon that has above average quality of services and hairstylists that know what hairstyles complement your face.  Salons have sprung all over cities today and each of these have their own techniques and gimmicks that will make their customers pampered and satisfied. All you need to do is filter your search and you would be able to find the best one.

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How Food Supplements Can Benefit Health

food supplementOften we hear about certain herbal or vitamin supplement that cures chronic conditions or improves the quality of living of a person. Nonetheless, information concerning food supplements is often unclear or confusing. It is difficult to determine which provide real health benefits and which are providing false promises and running the danger of damaging the health.

What are Food Supplements?

A food supplement is a product that adds support to the food you consume. It contains certain dietary ingredients such as minerals, vitamins, herbs, and amino acids. They come in tablet, pill, capsule, or liquid form. There are diverse forms of nutritional or diet supplements. Mineral and vitamin supplements are diet supplements that have micronutrients to aid in the functioning of the body. Diet supplements have medicinal purposes as well. They support areas of the body such as the liver, skin, or bones.

Although a balanced diet offers a source of minerals and vitamins, taking diet supplements may prove an advantage in making sure that the body has all the nutrients it needs. Diet supplements that are not approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration are promoted as preventative measures for certain disorders. You can find these at some essential health foods store in Melbourne area.

To obtain the benefits of taking dietary supplements, it is best to seek the advice of a health specialist prior to taking any them to help prevent the adverse side effects. Below are some of the ways by which food supplements benefit health.

Improved Metabolism

After eating, the body would break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates from your food, and likewise absorbs the nutrients. Absorption of these nutrients depends on the vitamins present in the body. Supplementing your foods with Vitamin B can aid in the prevention of vitamin deficiencies that could result to joint pain, skin disorders, anemia, and nerve damage. When the body metabolism slows down, fats tend to accumulate in some parts of the body resulting to additional body weight. Through food supplements, such as fiber, the breakdown of food follows a normal pace where toxins and unwanted fats are eliminated from the body. Improvement in metabolism therefore boosts the functionality of the digestive system as well other vital organs in the body.

Promotes Maintenance and Repair of Tissues

Consuming food supplements may likewise help in the maintenance and repair of tissues, processes that transpire all through life. The everyday activities place strain on tissues, and cells in the body generate proteins that contain new tissues to substitute the damaged and the old tissues. Any defects in the maintenance and repair of tissues result to diseases, including osteoporosis that evolves from bone wasting. This typically happens as the person ages. You can have proper growth of the tissue as well as the strength of the bone by taking Vitamin D and calcium. Food supplements speed up the healing process of wounds, cuts and lesions as caused by accident or surgery. Examples of these supplements are: vitamin C with collagen protects cells from damage; Bromelain reduces muscle and tissue swelling; Rutin protects the blood vessels and prevents bruising; Grape seed extract combined with vitamin C help build new blood vessels, strengthen the cell membranes and prevent scarring in the tissues.

Disease Prevention

Diet supplements may help in the prevention of certain diseases such as cancer. Essential vitamins, such as Vitamins A, C, as well as Vitamin E, function as the body’s antioxidants. They work by balancing chemicals known as the free radicals. These chemicals trigger oxidative damage in the cells. According to the National Cancer Institute, oxidative damage promotes the development of cancer. While research on the impacts of antioxidant supplements in cancer prevention proved to be inconsistent, taking moderate amounts of these antioxidants may be beneficial to the health.

food supplement 2There are various diet supplements available in the market today. However, it is advised that prior to purchasing them, make sure they are TGA approved. Furthermore, supplements should not be perceived as medium of cure. They only serve as an add-on to food in case some nutrients are missing. Food supplements can be beneficial to the body especially when taken in the right amount and frequency. Hence, the best way to ensure safety is to seek advice from a physician.

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6 Signs You Should to See a Dentist

dental care 2
We all need to see a dentist every six months but this is something that we often fail to do. Undeniably, we always say that we don’t have the time to visit a dental clinic because we seem preoccupied with other chores and many other activities. The fact of the matter is, the longer the period we don’t see a dentist, the greater the chances of tooth decay.

Brushing your teeth two to three times a day and flossing a few times doesn’t mean you are exempted from seeing a dentist. The best way to practice excellent oral health is to perform the regular brushing and flossing and then visit a dentist at least twice a year, with or without a condition.

If you are faced with the dilemma of whether or not to see a dentist, here are the criteria in which their expertise is warranted:  

  1. Tooth Pain

The truth about having a toothache is that you cannot continue with work, do your chores, run an errand or perform your daily routine. In other words, tooth pain brings paralysis to life that is why you will do anything to get it treated the soonest time possible. Basically, tooth pain is a symptom of a pre-existing tooth problem. There is something wrong within the oral cavity that can be serious. Even if the pain subsides after one to two days, chances are, pain will again come back some other time. At the onset of pain, you ought to see a dentist immediately.

  1. Inflamed Gums

Gums that that are inflamed or swollen is a symptom of hardened plaque collected under the gum line. When this happens, you certainly need to see a dentist as soon as possible. Inflamed gums is often a sign of gingivitis. When not treated properly it can lead to periodontitis which is a more serious type of gum disease. All these can lead to tooth loss that is why early intervention is necessary.

  1. White Spots on Teeth

White spots that display on the teeth are a sign of dental decay. This is usually caused by poor oral hygiene. When acid and bacteria are left on the surface of the tooth for a long period of time, the enamel starts to thin and will eventually dissolve. When no treatment is made, tooth decay will definitely surface. Tooth decay is one cause tooth ache and this is why dental treatment is crucial.

  1. Sensitivity to Hot and Cold

Increased sensitivity to hot and cold food and beverage is a sign of sensitive teeth. One possibility that can cause this problem is tooth decay. Sensitive teeth is brought about by the exposure of the nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth. Exposure is due to a number of reasons such as cracked tooth, broken tooth, chipped tooth or tooth decay. When the condition advances, eating or drinking anything hot or cold becomes more painful. If it is a cavity issue, filling must be carried out immediately. In the case of cracked, broken or chipped teeth, excision followed by teeth implants can be a potential solution. For whatever the cause, you need to book an appointment with a dentist ASAP. Early treatment discontinues the development of a more serious problem.

  1. Canker Sores

Canker sores can be a common mouth problem in some people that can be resolved through the use mouthwash products. If the canker gets healed within a few days, it shouldn’t be a cause for concern. However. If doesn’t heal for more than two weeks, it is time so seek dental attention. Should the canker come with persistent high fever, infection might be a possibility. Hence, dental treatment accompanied by antibiotics are most likely to be prescribed.

  1. Bad Breath

When your mouth produces bad smell even after brushing, there is a great chance of bad breath or medically called halitosis. Bad breath can be a result of poor dental hygiene or other oral problems such
as gingivitis or periodontitis. Halitosis can be made worse with unhealthy lifestyle and types of food dental care 1eaten. Bad breath can be resolved by improving oral hygiene and changing lifestyle habits. On top of this, seeing a dentist is vital.

Do not take any oral problem for granted, when pain or abnormality is noticed, book an appointment with a dentist the soonest possible time. If it is a case of tooth replacement, visit dental implants in Melbourne CBD – MUDC for quality treatment.

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Finding a Quality Hair Salon

hair cut 2
Having a haircut is a part of life’s routine. According to science, the hair grows around half an inch every month of the year. Generally, men frequents the salon more than women because of their ideally short hair. And it is through having a haircut that people tend to look cleaner, eater and more attractive. We can say that trimming the hair is necessary and we definitely cannot do this alone. There is a need to acquire service from a skilled hairdresser. This brings us to the idea of finding a quality hair salon.

If you think that finding a good hair salon is a daunting task, read the next passages and you will realize that searching for one, is after all an easy task.

Find a Salon by Word of Mouth

If you have a relative, friend or colleague whose haircut appears to be fabulous and eye-catching, you can always ask them where they had it done. Gathering personal recommendation is always effective because you are looking at the outcome right before your eyes. Also, haircut and styling are topics which are interesting to talk about. You will surely gather great suggestions from people close to you.

Visit Salons Nearby

When doing some errands downtown, grab this opportunity to check on a chain of hair salons. Step into these establishments and take note of their services. Read portfolios of hairdressers and take time to view their expertise. By visiting three to five salons, you can make comparisons considering price and quality. Determine your budget and needs and then make a choice. Focus on quality so you won’t end up doing trial-and-error stuff. When you go for quality, you end up happy and satisfied. More importantly, you have saved money.

Search the Internet

Explore the online world and search for hair salon websites operating in your vicinity. Viewing websites will give you an idea on the salon’s location, service offerings and price. You also get the opportunity to communicate with a customer support service in case you want to inquire more about their services. Reading reviews and testimonials from clients of that particular salon will also give you an idea if the salon is worth patronising or not. As a rule of thumb, focus on hair salons that carry the most positive comments.

Read the Papers

Apart from the internet, read various forms of print media such as newspapers, magazines and the yellow pages. These instruments are reliable when it comes to providing information about a wide range of services in a specific town or city. This rings true when finding a quality salon. As soon as you have gathered contact info, call these salons inquire about the rates and services.

hair cutOnce you have found your choice of hair salon, try their service and communicate well with what you want. When you convey your expectation clearly, the hairdresser will then adhere to your request. Should you be satisfied with the outcome, then you have successfully achieved your goal in finding quality haircut in Melbourne. You have now found a provider to serve you for future haircuts. It’s just right to remain loyal.

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Clinical Pilates Great for Rehabilitation

Clinical PilatesPilates is one of the most effective exercises ever created, helping people lose weight and – more importantly – strengthen their core muscles for better overall body functioning. Clinical Pilates is very much like the exercise except that it is used for managing certain medical conditions. To get to know it more, read on.

Clinical Pilates: An Overview

Developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s, this exercise targets the deep muscles of the abdomen and the spine. Because those two are its main focus, it helps to improve not just central core stability but also posture. Its difference with other exercise regimen is that special apparatuses are used in facilitating physical strength. As a result, flexibility in posture, muscular endurance, balance and coordination and mental awareness are enhanced. Through Clinical Pilates, emphasis on the following body parts, inner and outer thigh, lower back, obliques and abdomen.

What makes it amazing, besides its effects in the body, is that it follows eight key principles. These are the following:

  • Concentration
  • Centering
  • Breathing
  • Isolation
  • Routine
  • Precision
  • Control and
  • Flowing Movement

Everyone who tried Pilates in the past knows exactly what it can do for and your body. You just need to look at all the before and after photos of those who religiously do Pilates. Here are just some of it:

  • Improves posture as well as stability
  • Increased coordination and control muscle
  • Firmer and flatter abdominal muscles (always a great plus point!)
  • Increased flexibility and muscular strength
  • Overall toned body

Physical Therapy practically works on those same principles, hence the incorporation of the exercise in Physiotherapy.

Clinical Pilates as a Rehabilitation Modality

Like other modes of physiotherapy, this specific adaptation has been very helpful for those who are suffering from general back pain, neck pain and to those who have been treated and are recovering from injury. But for a clearer picture, we have a short listing of all its benefits below:

  • Enhanced breathing control can one alleviate pain and keep it at bay.
  • Exercises can aid in rehabilitation, especially when it comes to restoring the motion and movement of the affected body part.
  • And because said body part is getting the strength it needs from the exercises provided, this is a great way to prevent injuries from happening again.

Patient Education: A Must Have

The great thing about Physiotherapy and all the other kinds of treatment methods under it is that it involves the patient in the whole treatment process. The very same thing applies to Clinical Pilates. A day’s session with your physiotherapist will end with him giving you advice on self-management which is very important as well.

Is Clinical Pilates Right for You?

Pilates, especially the one used for Physiotherapy, is very much advantageous for those who need it. But it’s not a generic tool. One kind of exercise cannot be used for all. The best way to determine if you are fit for this kind of system is to seek advice from a professional

Like other Physiotherapy sessions, it is important that the therapist diagnose the problem of the patient first before selecting the right exercise. This will ensure not just effectiveness of the procedure but optimal results. It will also minimize the possibility of aggravating the injuries sustained by the patient before.

Choose Capital Physiotherapy!

Although having massage at a spa salon can be relieving, it is still more advantageous to be treated by an expert. When a professional Clinical Pilates instructor attends to your condition, that specific health problem is targeted with the correct remediation. Some masseuse may have carried out the wrong technique and this can possibly make your condition worse. Knowledge in physiotherapy is always significant.

Some people think that Physiotherapy is merely some sort of massage and exercise therapy combined, and that anyone can work on this. But that is a huge misconception which, if you continue to believe in, will cause more problems than what you first have.

The same is even truer when you are looking for someone who can help you with Clinical Pilates. While there are similarities between the exercise and the Physiotherapy adaptation, there are still distinct differences. If you are getting this for rehabilitation, make sure that you find the specialist who can actually help you. You can trust Capital Physiotherapy.

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Quick And Easy Skin Whitening Tips

Skin whitening lotions are now used by a lot of people. Some skin whitening lotions aren’t healthy for the skin. Rather than using these skin whitening lotions, one should use products that are natural in order to achieve healthy and radiant skin. There are lot of points by which it is simple to protect your skin from the ultraviolet sun rays. The following are some tips:

Skin Whitening Face Wash

Personally, I am not going to urge you to buy the pricey and elaborate face washes from the market. Why? Because, you can now quickly prepare an exceptionally valuable and great face wash with the usage of all-natural ingredients in your own home. They add beauty to your skin and these home made face washes are tremendously favorable for the skin making it fresh and radiant.

Skin Whitening Facials

All of us should understand the fact that our skin on our face is ideally soft and sensitive. It requires serious attention, care and time to allow it to be healthy. It wants whitening outside and indoors. So, in order for your skin to be lovely and healthy, you need to make use of the skin care products that are made from nature. The combination of all natural ingredients will result to a smooth, glowing radiant skin. Natural ingredients that you can use are:

  • Almond
  • Raw Milk
  • Lemon juice
  • Honey
  • Tomato
  • Mud mask
  • Rose water, etc.

Skin Whitening Beverages

There are plenty of whitening lotions that are not made of great quality. To make sure that your skin is prevented from the dangers of these products, you need to include these beverages in your everyday diet.

  • Drink a glass of cold milk before sleeping.
  • Drink a glass of water and honey blended together when you get right up in the morning.

Truth About The Skin Creme

Every woman needs to really have a clean, fair and glowing skin. However, some of these products are known to be high-priced and quite painful to the pocket. These products are usually the branded ones which can afford to pay advertisements and celebrity endorsements. While the majority of the goods which can be found in the marketplace generally are of low quality. They only grab the eye of the customers through ads and the effects aren’t in any way favorable when the products are purchased by the customers. The products can damage the skin and result to many negative outcome.

It’s a well known fact the radiant skin is caused by treatment and appropriate attention. And among the most effective methods to care for your skin would be to understand the texture of the skin and its reaction to skincare products. Quality skin whitening lotions provide these great results – whiten the skin tone, make it appear radiant, younger-looking and smooth.

In a nutshell, make sure that you choose an effective whitening lotion which you can depend upon. In that way, you don’t need to spend for costly creams and other products to cover those dark pigments on your skin.

Tips on Cute and Easy Nail Art Designs

Nail artwork is a well-known beauty process that’s used to improve the appearance and appeal of a lady ‘s nails. In this instance, it’s important to note the surface of the nails is very precious as it pertains to creating an attractive appearance that’s very visible to others. Just like every other aesthetic process there’s a correct manner in doing simple and adorable nail art designs for allure and the very best look. With it, you may not have botched excessive nail polish or layouts covering unwanted areas on your own fingertips. Below we’ll examine the best ways of creating nail layouts that are straightforward and easy.

Getting Your Nail Polish Open

First thing is first; you must get your nail polish bottle open before you paint your favourite nail layouts that are simple. It’s not unusual for nail polish lids to get stuck. You can wrap a rubber band across the lid and get it to open up more easily because of the added grip. Also, you can soak the nail polish down in a cup of hot water leaving just the lid above the surface. This ensures the nail polish, which is susceptible to heat, stays away from the water while the lid is loosened.

Use Vaseline to Keep Polish on the Nails but Off the Skin

It’s not difficult to get nail polish on the skin around your nails as uncomplicated nail layouts are created by you. While being unsightly, this really is rather hard to take off. In this instance, it’s best to make every attempt to prevent getting it there in the very first place. Petroleum jelly can be used by you to this end. Just apply it over the skin all around your nail by means of a cotton swab and then you’re ready to go.

French Manicure

A French manicure is one of the most famous simple nail designs which can be created in the comfort of your own home. Just take a rubber band that is wide and also make a loop at the center. Then place around your thumb for tension and later tie it around the finger you intend to paint. Ensure the rubber band is nearly at the border of the nail after which use it as your guide for painting.

Half Moon Manicure

Paper-hole decals are fantastic resources in creating simple and adorable nail art. Just stick them to the bottom of every one of your nails and use them as your painting guide. Apply two layers of polish before removing the decals. Pretty soon you’ll be loving the appearance of your recently manicured nails.

Dunk your nails in a bowl of ice water to ensure your new simple nail designs dry as required or use nonstick cooking spray in your nails to get the nail polish dry as quickly as possible.

The Four Main Types of Medical Hair Loss Treatment

A lot of folks consider balding or thinning hair to be a fundamental indicator of ageing. This really isn’t always accurate: over 50 million individuals, both women and men ages 18 and upwards in America, are experiencing some degree of baldness. It can be said that it is a standard element of life. More comforting is the reality that many are seeing great results from several types of baldness treatments. There are four kinds of treatment done now, which range from drugs to surgery.

1. Medication

There are two FDA-approved medical baldness treatment drugs which are successful in the marketplace today. Any brand name drugs will feature one of the subsequent two active ingredients:

– Minoxidil: This is accessible in pill form or as foam or a liquid that’s rubbed into the entire scalp two times a day. It is sold over the counter and has been proven to lessen thinning and promote regrowth in women and men.
– Finasteride: This one is helpful for guys, and is only available as a prescription pill. It’s turned out to become an effective alternative, but might run the possibility of some unwanted side effects.

In both instances, patients will have to keep taking them for the effects to continue.

2. Grafts

These are typically regarded as the most popular method of baldness treatment. Here, a portion of the scalp will be removed by the surgeon from the rear of the head and it will be attached either strand by strand or in bigger locks at the front region that is balding. These locks that are transplanted subsequently grow in the new area. Studies have suggested a high level of success; however the process can leave the patient with some tenderness and pain later.

3. Scalp Reduction

Scalp reduction is not always performed as the aforementioned, mainly because surgeons usually choose to prevent invasive procedures. Having said that, they could be an alternative for people who are bad candidates for transplant. For the process, the hairless section of the scalp is removed, and then a fully grown section is stretched to cover the skull. This may be debilitating for some time following the operation and may carry a risk of infection, but it can generate the desirable outcome.

4. Laser Treatment

This is a brand new, FDA-approved treatment alternative which has demonstrated great promise in both women and men. A completely noninvasive process, it calls for the use of low level lasers to the entire scalp, bringing additional decline to a halt in 90% of patients and stimulating growth. Patients experience no pain or healing time and get a chain of 30-minute sessions. As a brand new type of treatment, though, some may be reluctant to use it.

Nutrition And Eye Health – The Benefits of Juicing Carrots


Today’s hectic lifestyle needs a suitable method to provide our bodies the nutrients it needs to achieve healthful living. While nutrition is a vital part of eye health, lifestyle demands associated with family, work and schooling generally allow it to be almost impossible to prepare whole food meals that are healthful. From this standpoint, if you’re worried about enhancing eye health in less time with a demanding program, you might want to take into account the many health benefits that juicing carrots provides. Such advantages include better eyesight, a more powerful immune system, anti-cancer properties, better bone and lung health to name some. So here are a few of the health benefits of juicing carrots in ensuring better well-being alongside from the nutritional edge this supplies for eyes:

Juicing offers a simple and handy means not only to enhance eyesight but our general well-being. For instance, juicing with carrots supplies the body with great nutritional coverage than you’d have in only one meal. Also, nutrients in liquid form are readily absorbed by the body as opposed to eating raw vegetables.

In addition, the disadvantage which comes with the process of pasteurization, a procedure that’s used to warm vegetables to kill dangerous bacteria, causes the food to lose much of its own nutritional value. This is eliminated by juicing.

Thus, according to dietitian Jennifer Nelson of, carrot juice comprises most of the vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that whole carrots have.

With regard to boosting eye health fresh carrot juice is rich in the eye boosting nutritional beta carotene. Beta carotene is vital in promoting eye health. This important antioxidant promotes healthy eyesight. Carrots additionally includes the eyesight-boosting lutein. It contains Vitamin A that enhances night vision. Only one cup of carrot juice supplies 322% of your daily recommended allowance for Vitamin A. Added nutrients include Vitamin C which is great for resistance and shielding eye tissues from disease, and Vitamin K for bone health and for healthy blood clotting.

The advantages to eye health are linked to its carotenoid content. Carrot juice supplies one of the most abundant sources of carotenoids that shield the eyes from damaging free radicals, and according to studies analyzing the advantages of carrot juice, these findings have shown its cancer-fighting advantages: a 50% decrease in risk for cancers associated with the bladder, prostate, and larynx to name just a few.

Juicing carrots offers a convenient and easy method to supply great nutritional coverage to the body to support healthful living. With benefits ranging from better eye health to cancer fighting properties using up the nutrients of the vegetable in liquid form provides better absorption of nutriments.

My name is Joel King, a City College Broadcasting grad, and I’m proud to be an eyesight development success story. I like discussing with my readers my knowledge about natural alternatives to eyeglasses, contacts and laser surgery for individuals interested in enhancing their eyesight. Take a look at this user-friendly eyesight development software which shows you powerful ways of juicing to optimize eye well-being. It also provides simple eye exercise techniques that either allow you to lessen your dependence on eyeglasses, or even in certain cases, remove it.