Indoor Cricket Is A Thing And Here’s Why

I have always been a fan of cricket even when I as a kid. Cricket is a popular sport in Australia and it’s probably because it was made famous by two Aussies. Of course, the support and the love for this pair became the catalyst for my fellow Australians to like cricket.

Indoor Cricket vs. Traditional Cricket

Before you get confused, know that indoor cricket is different from traditional cricket that is played indoors. The latter uses the rules of the traditional game except that it is played indoors while the former takes from its cousin, but there are differences.

Indoor cricket has the same number of people involved and it follows the same concept in technicalities. The difference lies in how you get those points. So you still have eight people in a team with two innings.

But for indoor cricket, teams have an option to get a supersub. The two innings are made up of 12 overs, 6 for each team. Each team has a chance to get 2 overs and hit the ball for 4 overs.

Indoor Cricket’s Australian Roots

The first cricket game that was held indoors was in Germany way back in the 1960s. However, this follows the traditional cricket rules. It was only in the late 1970s that Aussies Paul Hanna and Michael Jones created an actual indoor cricket game with rules of its own.

To know more about it, click here for the history. If you will notice, some indoor cricket games have six members in a team. This is because Western versions of the game (like in England) play cricket with six a side. 

As indoor cricket became more popular, this prompted people to build indoor sports stadiums that allow more people to play this famed sport without worry about the weather and other complications in playing outside (and isn’t it so ironic to play indoor cricket outdoors?).

How Indoor Cricket Became Popular

Having fun is always a thing for Aussies. We are so used to outdoor sports, but I can honestly say that having unpredictable weather can dampen one’s sporty spirits. Thankfully, with the rise of indoor cricket, there was also the rise of indoor stadiums.

Indoor stadiums are simply indoor sports arenas where you can play a lot of different sports. However, it’s not like a reservation thing where there are empty courts and you just RSVP. Instead, these indoor sports stadiums already have places for certain sports (or events). Take, for example, Action Indoor Sports.

Action Indoor Sports is a famous sports arena where people play a lot of indoor sports like indoor soccer. I for one always go here because of its clean amenities and convenience. I play indoor cricket a lot and it just helps lessen all my worries looking for a venue. I’m sure a lot of people can attest to how indoor sports stadiums are helping them practice their sport even more without worrying about external factors.

The convenience of having an indoor space to practice has helped me exercise my indoor cricket skills and it has also become easier for my team to meet during the weekdays.

When the Action Indoor Sports wasn’t built yet, we all had to figure out where we can play indoor cricket and it usually ends up in a practice outdoors. But ever since the arena was built, we were able to practice more often.

An additional plus for us is that having an arena allows our friends to watch our games and practices. There are covered areas where they can watch from and it won’t feel very crowded, too.

Thanks to indoor sports arenas, more people get to enjoy indoor cricket and that’s why I think it has been gaining popularity these days.

This entry was posted on January 11, 2019, in Sports.