Severe Mental Illness Treatment Through Dream Translation

All fantasies work like psychotherapy because we have to follow a profound procedure for transformation as a way to get rid of our anti-conscience through consciousness. It is a difficult and dangerous procedure because our anti-conscience is a strong devil that creates invincible mental illnesses within our conscience.

Those who possess a powerful human conscience as well as a poorer anti-conscience appear to be balanced. Their bad side is entombed in their own mind. Yet, it keeps intruding on the mindful surface such as the eruptions of a volcano.

Those who possess a poor human conscience as well as a powerful anti-conscience are predetermined to get a serious mental illness like schizophrenia, psychosis, multiple personality disorder, etc. depending on their life biography. Dream therapy is a marvelous treatment for people who lost their conscience, however they’re not obedient and they do not cooperate for their own treatment.

They keep foregoing the treatment and coming back they’ve another nightmare that is terrifying or they’re tortured by the intolerable symptoms created by their anti-conscience. The dream translator has to be patient. At a specific stage they begin working in a few aspects, although they keep being disobedient in a number of other methods.

Dream treatment works on the basis of the compliance of the dreamer to guidance. When the dreamer is not obedient, he/she can’t be treated. So all dreams attempt to convince the dreamer to be able to locate sensible mental health, to mind the divine guidance.

It is an issue that is very difficult.

All mental disorders start with a traumatic encounter as it opens the doors for the anti-conscience. This is why individuals who have a terrible life biography get a serious mental illness when they’re young.

After having many explanations in his dreams, the dreamer understands that he/she’d traumatic encounters because he’s inherited many inclinations that are erratic. If he didn’t have these encounters his conduct would be worse than those of his adversaries.

It is a comprehension that is depressing, but it calms down the revolted dreamer who got a serious mental illness. He quits considering himself a casualty of the destiny, and he comprehends that he endured in life because he inherited absurdity and evilness into his anti-conscience and he needed to pass through experiences that will help him realize his errors.

The repeat of dream pictures with explanations about his errors helps the dreamer eventually comprehend his inclinations that are illogical. Yet, in a while this fact is forgotten by him and he repeats the same errors again. He does not have a great recollection, and he becomes educated with the invasion of the anti-conscience into the cognizant subject.

He’s treated thanks to the repeat of numerous explanations quit being revolted with his destiny, and that help him eventually realize his errors.

The treatment of serious mental illnesses like schizophrenia and psychosis through dream treatment can last from 5 to 15 years. People and young folks who possess the support of someone within their surroundings have more opportunities to be treated in a briefer amount of time.

This really is discouraging, but if we consider the reality that schizophrenia and psychosis are not easily treated, five or even fifteen years of psychotherapy (with slow improvements every year) aren’t so long. On the flip side, people who have serious mental illnesses are tortured by symptoms that are intolerable all their lives. So, a couple years of psychotherapy are too easy, particularly because the intolerable symptoms are removed from the start of the treatment.

Yet eliminating symptoms like blackouts, oral and visual distortions, panic attacks, dizziness, and hallucinations does not mean that they recuperate their conscience. It just means they cease being heavily assaulted by their anti-conscience. They have to remove many inclinations that are erratic and correct their behaviour.

If the treatment will be stopped by them at this stage, they’re going to have symptoms that are intolerable because their anti-conscience never ceases assaulting them. It just loses power when they provide opposition to such assaults.

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