Going Traditional Chinese in Melbourne: An Acupuncture Treatment Experience

My encounters with needles are not necessary good before I subjected myself to the traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. It was a just a few months ago when I bumped into an advertisement about acupuncture services in Melbourne, VIC. Being the curious person that I am, I checked out the ad. I also did internet searches to know what acupuncture was all about including what it is for and how it is undertaken.

This medical practice involves the insertion of very thin needles into the client’s skin. The needles have varying sizes dependent on which particular point in the body it will be used. The “particular points” are popularly known as acupoints which is the shortened version of acupuncture points. There are more than 360 acupoints in a body. In traditional Chinese medicine, they believe that there exists a flow of energy within the body, which they pertained to as qi or chi, which may be balanced through the practice of acupuncture. It is further believed that the qi or chi is what causes an individual to be healthy or not. If the flow is imbalanced, it may lead to illnesses, body pain, insomnia, and fatigue.

Acupuncture is used to induce or reduce certain bodily sensations. This traditional medical practice is often availed to reduce body pain whether in the neck, back, elbows etc. It has also been claimed to increase immunity against cough, cold and even asthma. Acupuncture had also been used to cure insomnia and fatigue. This practice is also notable when it comes to pregnancy, whether in increasing fertility, regulating menstrual flow or in labor induction. In my case, I would avail of this practice in the hope of curing my insomnia and improving my immunity against colds.

After learning about the advantages of acupuncture which I have generally pointed out, I phoned an acupuncture clinic to inquire about their services. They asked me to either send them an email or phone again if ever I wanted an appointment. I canvassed many acupuncture clinics in Melbourne and it turns out they have an average clinic hours of nine in the morning to seven in the evening. This provides working clients like me a lot of time options to set an appointment. Also, some clinic were open during the weekends which is very convenient.

There were considerably a lot of medicine practitioners in the area. Like many clinics, the session starts with testing and diagnosis. After analysing the data gathered, the professionals will tailor fit a treatment plan on the basis of the symptoms my body has shown recently, which I mentioned, and of course the aforementioned tests. While it is true that the clinic conducts traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, the practitioners there assured me that they somehow modified the medicine technique in order to better fit the clients here in Australia. I informed them of my hesitations especially when it comes to the needles. However, they managed to convince me that practitioners there were well-trained in conducting acupuncture treatments and that the needled to be used are safe even for the kids.

The clinic was not like the usual buzz filled area. Rather, the clinic has a very calm, silent and relaxing aura. I can still remember the time I first experienced an acupuncture treatment. The practitioner first inquired about my medical background. She examined my tongue, my pulse and subjected me to other physical examinations. Likewise a treatment package was given to me. She then asked me lay down on what they called “acupuncture table.” Acupoints are then successively stimulated. The needles are gently placed on the ‘points’ one needle at a time. The needles were left punctured on the skin for no less than thirty minutes. Only one word can describe the feeling I had after the session, relaxing.

The number of sessions or acupuncture treatments vary per condition which needs to be cured and per person. Others, who recover faster, may only need one to three sessions. But, to many, myself included, it was recommended to undergo several sessions. The number of times I needed to go and visit the clinic was discussed during the meeting including other advices with regard to my lifestyle.

After a several treatments, I felt better about my body. My body clock is seemingly fixed as my insomnia is finally put into rest. The traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture is indeed a reliable and relaxing solution for the mentioned illnesses and pains. While you can easily avail of the service in various clinics in Melbourne, it is a diligent move to look a trusted one. Though my story is seemingly nothing but a fun experience, there is more to trying this treatment. Acupuncture is indeed an effective way to cure insomnia. I would recommend this traditional treatment to others who wish for a relaxing cure.

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